Setting Up Your Program in an Affiliate Network

It is easy to set up your own affiliate program within an affiliate network, but you should have all the following in store ready before you pay the network its set up fee.

Remember – an affiliate is a person who devotes time and money to promote your products, he is your best partner. It is your duty to supply your partners with the best marketing materials.

Also remember that you are competing against all the other online merchants for affiliates, a good set of marketing materials can show that you take your affiliate seriously.

So – What do I need?


You will need the following material prior to setting up:3 sets of at least 6 different sizes of banners in the following sizes:


Max Weight / Animation length


Banner Size

40k / :15

Full Banner

468 x 60

30k / :15

Half Banner

234 x 60

30k / :15

Square Button

125 x 125

30k / :15

Vertical Banner

120 x 240

40k / :15


728 x 90

40k / :15

Medium Rectangle

300 x 250

40k / :15

Square Pop-Up

250 x 250

40k / :15

Large Rectangle

336 x 280

40k / :15


120 x 600


Note – if you are using flash banners you MUST have a back up gif banner for all sizes


You will need to supply your affiliates with your recommended keywords, it is worthwhile to share your best performing keywords with your affiliates.

You will also need to supply Ad copy suggestions to use with Adwords:

Title 25 characters (with spaces)
Description line 1 – 35 characters (with spaces)
Description line 2- 35 characters (with spaces)
Display URL



Recruit Affiliates Easily
Increase your sales volume Now
Affiliates recruitment & management

 You will need at least 5 different ad copy suggestions.

Product Description

A 2-3 short paragraphs telling affiliates who you are, what is your product and this product is useful. This is where you think of the affiliate as a potential buyer of your product and just do your best to market your product to him.


Affiliate Description

This is where you detail to the affiliate why he should sign up and spend his time and money on marketing your products. Here you detail how much you will pay the affiliate, how long will the cookie be live, what type of marketing material you have in store, and what type of management and help the affiliate can get from you.

This is also a sales pitch; make sure that you can stand up to your promises. If you promise your affiliate that you will create banners for them – make sure you do that!

Landing Pages

It is highly recommended that you do create at least 2 Landing Pages. These are web pages that are geared to sale your product, they have all the product information on them, and they lead to the checkout easily.

You can use your home page as the landing page.

Other Marketing Materials

It is highly recommended that you supply your affiliates with extra materials, most important Videos. A few short, good quality videos, that are easy to embed in any affiliate’s site with your sales message on them.

A few articles suggestions, which are easily converted to avoid duplicate content issues.


This is where you list what marketing activities are acceptable to you. Most merchants prohibit the use of their website name and or URL in PPC promotions. Some merchants restrict customers from several countries, you may prohibit PPc affiliates from sending traffic directly to your site, you may prohibit anything that you feel will have a bad effect on your brand.


Now – when you have all these ready – you can launch

Media With Net will be glad to create any of the above marketing materials for you as part of its affiliate management.



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