How Come you don’t have your own program by now?

Your best affiliates would like to partner with you directly. They may like your product, be experts in your niche, and in most cases they will be your customers as well.

The benefits of having an In House program are:

  • Close relationship with the people that promote your site/product
  • Complete transparency between you and your affiliates
  • Control over your messages
  • The ability to offer your affiliates many tiers and levels of payment structures
  • You only gain with your own affiliate program – there are no ad costs that are hard to recuperate

You will need an affiliate software to track the affiliates’ work, as well as serve banners for them. There are many in the market with prices ranging from a few hundreds to a few thousands. It is recommended to start small and upgrade according to need.

Mediawithnet will be happy to launch your in house affiliate program for you.

Recommended Affiliate Software:

Affiliate Management Software

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