Your affiliates can come from a range of places:  

-           Professional online marketers

The proffesional specialize in the following categories:

  • PPC (paid search like google),
  • SEO, which is also utilizing the search engines and placing their site (with the link to your site on it) high in the search results.
  • They own a coupons website, or other customer loyalty program
  • E-mail marketers
  • Video and other media specialists
  • Social media specialist (they market your product via twitter, facebook, stumbleupon, and such)
  • Bloggers – they market your product via blogs, reviews, forum posts

-           Your Own customers

They like your product and they invite their friends to enjoy it as well, therefore they send them to your website with their affiliate link

-           Proffesinals in your niche

Whatever your product is, there are people who know the niche well, and they have contacts and know about how to reach your customers.

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