The Easy Way to Recruit Affiliates

For any business signing up with an affiliate network is a sure way to recruit affiliates.
There are, however, extra costs for this and you ask Why should I bother?

  • Reason number one is that affiliates feel comfortable promoting merchandize via the network because then they are sure to get paid!
  • Reason number two is that many of the affiliates will not know you exist until they see you offering your affiliate product via a network.
  • Reason number three is that it is fairly easy to get up and running fast, and in most cases you will be able to utilize the network’s promotional tool to recruit more affiliates to your program.


Here, at OPM we have the knowledge and the experience of setting your campaign in any of the leading networks, and some of the small ones.

We make sure your brand name gets the best exposure out there.

We make sure that only the right affiliates are allowed to promote your products.

We make sure that your affiliates follow your guidelines.

We help you device and implement seasonal activities that help your affiliates and ultimately you!

So, don’t wait contact us now to increase your exposure and sales.

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